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The Johansson Saphir is designed to withstand the problems of shopfloor production environments. The Saphir rewrites the rules of CMMs, providing measurement of guaranteed accuracy at speed.

The Johansson Saphir has a unique absolute scales system that keeps a constant track on the probes position. The Saphir also has a real time compensation system for the effects of temperature variation accurate to 35°C.

Johansson Saphir

With a workpiece maximum weight of 500kg and able to cope with components up to 700mm x 450mm x 450mm, the Saphir will cater for virtually all your requirements.

The Windows™ based Metrologic Software allows us to import CAD models in IGES format for CAD to part comparision. Other features of the software are:

  • Geometric measurement
  • Surface measurement, with immediate comparison with CAD data
  • 3D graphical display of results
  • Automatic CNC measurement of geometrical features
  • ISO and geometric tolerances





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