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On-site Inspection

Inspek Services can now offer two unique on-site scanning & measurement/inspection services.

Faro Arm Inspection

Utilising the flexibility of the Faro 8ft Platinum inspection arm and CAM2 Measure software:

  • Reports can be generated in the manufacturing area/on-site.
  • Negates the need to disassemble and ship large components.
  • CAD to part comparison and feature measurement is instantaneous.
  • Being both portable and accurate can see an improvement in quality, efficiency and cost.

Complex parts can be measured in situ on machining centres or in the assembled state eliminating the need to move the part to an inspection department and fixed CMM.

3D Laser Scanning

Our most recent addition has seen the introduction of a 3D laser scanner, the REVscan.

Using the REVscan there is no need for Articulated Arms, CMM's or Tracking devices. The REVscan is the only portable and self positioning handheld laser scanner.

  • Reverse Engineering
  • Design
  • Inspection & Measurement (CAD comparison)
  • Art & Museum (3D archiving)
  • Medical applications, prosthetics
  • Multimedia, CGI

The REVscan is highly versatile, capable of capturing data from small, detailed parts up to entire car bodies with an accuracy of up to 0.05mm.


The REVscan 3-D laser can be used in factories to verify the accuracy of manufactured parts. In this example it's being used to scan body parts to create customized prosthetics and devices.




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